Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Today is my birthday!

I am so grateful for everything The Lord has blessed me with.

29 years ago He gave me life.

5 1/2 years ago He gave me Anthony (my husband).

1 1/2 years ago He gave me Ethan (my son).

I thank Him for the family He chose for me. I thank Him for A wonderful mother who instructed me to walk in His path and for three handsome brothers who rough housed me and who were also very overly protective of me.
Today I am the woman God has created me to be. I am forever thankful.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. " - Proverbs 31:25


  1. Awesome!! And you used my favorite bible verse (my next tattoo)

    Happy Birthday Mama!!! Te mereces todo lo que Dios tiene para ti!