Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Sunday

I grew up in the church celebrating Easter year after year.  For the very first time I felt the weight of what Easter truly is.  It has become my favorite festival to celebrate. Through Jesus's death, burial, and resurrection, He paid the penalty for my sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in Him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Here are some pics from my iphone.  Starting with Easter service at apostles church, followed by an Easter egg hung ( nyc rooftop style) and ending with a feast at my grandparents house. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Friday

I had a 4 day weekend. Praise the Lord!

Friday afternoon, I had a date with Ethan. Just me and the little one. It was fabulous. We went to the mall, had some shopping, playing and eating done :)

Friday evening we went to my favorite restaurant: Republic and off to church for the Good Friday Service. It was lovely. Afterwards, the band had rehearsal for Sunday's Easter service and Ethan pretty much took full control of rehearsal. (I think hes following Anthonys footsteps)

(Not so great pictures from the Iphone)