Friday, February 3, 2012

My Beloved...

My Dearest Anthony,

I want to take this time and publicly thank you for everything you have been doing from the moment we found out I was pregnant till the day I gave birth to our son Ethan.
It all began that very first day I started getting morning sickness. You patiently woke up with me throughout every stomach pain and nausea.
You cared for me tremendously when I officially hated Trader Joes (your favorite supermarket) lol. You bought only a few things and threw away the boxes or crossed out the name trader joes with a black marker just to make me happy.
You cleaned our apartment practically every day because of the neat freak that I am. You cooked, washed the dishes, took me to work every morning at 9am and picked me up at 5pm. Not once did you let me take the train alone (well maybe once when you were sick lol).

Finally the big day arrived (1/16/2012). You were so patient and calm and not once did you loose your temper with me. (even when I punched you several times due to the pain lolol) (the funny labor story will come soon)

After 38 1/2 weeks, Ethan finally arrived. You have not once left me alone to feed him, change him, bathe him, clothe him,etc.
At night he cries and cries and so that I may rest for just a bit, you take him outside and put him to sleep. So while I sleep two hours, you're probably only sleeping 30 minutes.

You are my hero!
The greatest husband on earth!
I could not have done any of this without your help.

I love you with all of my heart and I thank God for bringing a husband and father like you into our lives.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Night Cake

We were all craving something sweet (not just the pregnant one!) lol. Of course jose was craving cheese cake from the cheese cake factory lol. He was willing to give Anthony $11 for gas to drive to the restaurant. No one else wanted to pay $8 for a single slice of the savory, delicious, scrumptious cake.
So, thank goodness for the Betty Crocker box cakes lol.
Anthony and K. Lee baked the cake while Manny and samandy were chatting with mom about church and Jose sat on my amazing rocking chair while chatting with his girlfriend :)

Sunday nights at moms house are truly the best!

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Reading this amazing book.
Hopefully I can read all 457 pages before Ethan arrives in 2 weeks...


1. Sleep duration: night and day
2. Naps
3. Sleep consolidation
4. Sleep schedule, timing of sleep
5. Sleep regularity


It takes time for your child to develop strength, coordination, balance, and confidence to "learn" to walk.
It takes time for your baby to develop night sleep consolidation regular and long naps, and self -soothing skills to "learn" to sleep well.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Pregnancy

So...It's been a while! Lots has happened in the past 9 months!

To start, I'm pregnant yeay! As if you didn't know that from Facebook. On May 20 2011 Anthony and I received the greatest news. Of course I couldn't believe it myself since we were trying for about 6 months.

When I found out I was pregnant,I decided to test myself 3 times ( I work at New York Presbyterian Hospital) so of course I get the pregnancy test for free thanks to the nurses lol.
All three pregnancy test were positive. I still couldn't believe it, so I decided to spend money and buy another pregnancy test stick. One of those cool blue fancy ones lol and again tested positive.

I think I was 80% convinced after 5 pregnancy test lol. It wasn't until my first gyn appt that I was able to believe and say to myself over and over again "I'm actually pregnant!!! Lol whoo hoo"

Well, 37 weeks I am about to explode. Although I'm pretty small, I feel as if the belly will pop soon :).

Here are some pics from no belly to big belly. Enjoy!
May 20: Found out I was pregnant

8 Weeks

12 Weeks

20 Weeks

1 Month

3 Months

4 Months

4 1/2 Months

5 Months

6 1/2 Months

7 Months

8 Months

35 Weeks

36 Weeks