Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Many would say a day off is like indulging in a box of chocolates! YUCK! Most of you who know me are very aware that I am not, I repeat I am not, a lover of sweets! So let me rephrase my opening statement... A day off is like indulging in a bag of cheese doodles, onion rings, and/or jalapeƱo chips.
Now that's more like it!

Here's what my day was comprised of. Lunch with the greatest guy on earth (My Husband), paint shopping for our apartment, (which by the way we've putting on the back burner since October of last year and have not yet done one single thing decorative wise), food shopping at Trader Joe’s and last but not least mani & pedi with my dear friend Mel Martin (she's my cool pastor's wife).

1st stop....Lunch at Ridgewood Eats, which was just ok. We normally have lunch every Saturday at our favorite spot (and of course I forget the name haha), but unfortunately due to the Easter holiday, they were closed... Bummer.

2nd stop...Choosing paint colors at Benjamin Moore was a hassle. Way too many colors to choose from. Finally, we narrowed it down to 2 shades of gray. As we proceeded to paint the walls, we realize the colors were darker then the pallet we originally chose. Fortunately we only purchased samples. Oh well, back to square one.

3rd stop...Love love love going to Trader Joe’s, maybe not so much for the food (which there is an abundance of budget friendly and healthy food options), but more for the ambiance, neighborhood, and awesome customer service. It's also right next to Michaels, one of my favorite stores when I’m in need of craft supplies.

4th and last but certainly not least stop...Spending time with my darling friend Mel is always a treat. This time we decided to spend our night at a local nail salon. Afterwards we both realized how much we needed the relaxing massage on our legs, feet, and back courtesy of the nail tech.

Back home now! What a productive and restful day.Thank you Lord!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Slope Suds, just around the corner

Today as my great friend Karla and her staff at Slope Suds began their professional training on their new Arrojo product line, I was able to benefit from a fabulous (and free!) blow-dry and curl styling!
For the first time I learned to curl my hair without using products like hair mousse or gel. Here’s what they used (all Arrojo products): 1.daily conditioner (a whole lot!!! Remember that Karla? lol), 2.curl creme, 3.styling creme.
After the beautiful curls were done, I had to go under the water again, this time for the straight look. I told Karla how I don’t blow dry my hair with a blow dryer instead I wash it, let it dry and use the flat iron (practically every day) BIG NO NO. I learned some great tips and techniques on how to easily blow dry my hair with out the use of the daily flat iron. YEAY! Here’s what they used for the straight look (all Arrojo products): 1.control defrizz, 2.serum styling whip, 3.shine spray
Here's what I learned today...Finding a hair stylist who knows and cares for your hair the way you wanted is like looking for a partner. It’s a relationship, one which is hard to find. Today I found my hair stylist partner. I’ve known Karla for a few months now but did not know she had this amazing talent.
Karla studied dry cutting techniques with the late John Sahag and his creative styling team at his Madison Avenue workshop. Her continuing education includes studying directly under Nick Arrojo (formerly of TLC’s “What Not to Wear”). Karla has also continues to study the work of both Tim Hartley (of Davines) and Vidal Sassoon.
Thank you Karla and Slope Suds :)!/Slope.Suds.Salon.And.Spa

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hate you DMV

THE DMV......

Seriously who loves to spend their day off at the DMV...meeeeeeee, why? because I love my brother owe me now buddy! lol

~15 min waiting on the information and ticket counter just to obtain ONE DARN ticket.

~One hour to wait for my golden number: C315 to appear on the fancy screen.

~5 min to speak with the rep only to tell me I'm not able to register another car due to missing info.


Thank you Jesus and off to Wendys lolol

Monday, April 11, 2011


3-D Glasses: "A stereoscopic motion or still picture in which the right component of a composite image usually red in color is superposed on the left component in a contrasting color to produce a three-dimensional effect when viewed through correspondingly colored filters in the form of spectacles"

WHAT???!!! well here is our own def...

Freestyle Definition of WCIMA 3-D Glasses: "3D Glasses look like we nerds in classes. Hopen to make patients disappear with no magic. Trix are for rabbits. cant believe it either. I saw a movie starring Justin Beiber.
-Tyrone M.

In order of appearance...
The giggler
The Faxer
Under my Umbrella
The Lounger
High Blood Pressure
The Kanye